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REDcert² - certification of sustainable material flows in the chemical industry

In order for companies in the chemical industry to be able to market their products as sustainably certified, REDcert² has developed the biomass balance approach, a verification method that can show how fossil raw materials have been replaced with sustainable biomass. In view of the sometimes special and complex production and process requirements in the chemical industry, the REDcert² scheme, with its biomass balance approach, is optimally suited to capturing, in particular, the valence and traceability of sustainable biomass. In the production process, REDcert² scheme participants can use both certified sustainable biomass and fossil raw materials together, which are first broken down into their atomic components and separated in order to recombine them for subsequent products.

With the REDcert² scheme for the certification of sustainable material flows, chemical companies can make an important contribution to reducing greenhouse gases and conserving resources and have this confirmed by a third-party audit.



Biomass balanced approach 



In order to meet the requirements of the circular economy, REDcert also offers chemical companies the opportunity to manufacture chemical products from recycled waste materials of fossil origin and have them certified according to the REDcert² recycling mass balance approach. REDcert helps companies in the chemical industry to create incentives for the sustainable use of fossil waste materials with the aim of simultaneously reducing the use of materials made from fossil primary raw materials. Chemical companies can also market their products as REDcert² scheme participants if they want with the REDcert² logo and an advertising claim to end customers.


Recycling mass balance approach new


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