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REDcert² - for the Food and Animal Feed industry

The certification of sustainable biomass and thus compliance with certain sustainability criteria has long since stopped being limited to just the biofuel industry, it also increasingly plays an important role in the food and feed industry and in biomass for use as a material. Since 2015, REDcert² has been a certification scheme for sustainable agricultural raw materials which are processed for use as food or animal feed as well as biomass used for material purposes.

REDcert² certification is based on the requirements of the REDcert-EU scheme and the criteria of SAI (Sustainable Agriculture Initiative). REDcert² is one of the few sustainability certification schemes that can be applied to all phases - from the farmer to supply and trade. REDcert² has been awarded the highest SAI benchmark result “Gold” for the agricultural phase in many European countries and the scheme meets the “Silver” level in many other countries.

REDcert is also a reliable partner in sustainability certifications in the future with its REDcert² schemes. With its “one-stop shop” solution, REDcert offers the optimum combination for handling various production pathways for sustainable biomass. REDcert's mission is to increase the number of SAI-benchmarked countries and be able to respond quickly to market demands for the certification of sustainable agricultural raw materials in different process structures.

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