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The REDcert-DE system converts the given framework was provided by the Biomass Electricity-Sustainability Ordinance (BioSt-NachV) and the Biofuels Sustainability Ordinance (Biokraft-NachV). It is mainly used for products, consumed in Germany.

Here you can find the main principles of the system and the system policies for the individual process steps, which are the basis for participation in the certification scheme REDcert-DE and the sustainable production of biomass.

The checklists for the inspection of the requirements on the production of sustainable biomass in the REDcert-DE system you will find here.


REDcert-DE system principles

Revision information for waste and residual material


Revision information


System principles


System principles for the process step Agriculture


System principles for the process step first gathering point


System principles for the process step Supplier


Regulation for small and very small operations in the REDcert-DE system


System principles for the process step Last Interface


System principles for GHG calculation


System principles for Mass Balancing


Supplementary system principles for waste and residual materials


Sanction System


Fee schedule

  • First REDcert² certificate for BASF

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  • REDcert² - material purposes in the chemical industry

    With the introduction of the “Supplementary REDcert² scheme principles for the chemical industry”, REDcert is extending the scope of its REDcert² scheme to include an important economic sector in the area of biomass use for material purposes.

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  • NEW REDcert information sheet

    REDcert prepared a new information sheet on the inspection of waste producers, storage and transshipment sites outside the EU.

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