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Search for NUTS2 regions

In a letter dated 30 July 2013, the Federal Agency for Agriculture and Food (BLE) approved REDcert's request to use NUTS2 values to calculate the GHG emissions in farming. This means that effective immediately the NUTS2 values may be used for the GHG emissions in addition to the partial default values for farming and the previously published estimates for farming.These are alternatives to the actual emissions in the harvest or cultivation of raw materials. They are specified in gCO2eq/kg of dry matter content and can be found in the “Overview table on regional cultivation emissions (NUTS values)” at

REDcert has developed a tool to search for NUTS2 regions for biomass farmed in Germany for its system participants.

Just a few steps to perform a search with the tool for NUTS2 regions

1. To start, please click on the sample start page of the NUTS tool shown below.

2. If a car license plate prefix is entered, the respective NUTS2 region and the respective NUTS2 values for various biomass types are displayed.

3. If you want to search for several car license plate prefixes, please click "Add" and then "Search". The NUTS2 values for the respective car license plate prefix and the ʺMAX valueʺ for the selected   regions are then displayed.