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Modification regarding the Nabisy-Codes

The Federal Office for Agriculture and Food (BLE) has implemented four modifications regarding the Nabisy-Codes.

  1. biodiesel from animal fat CAT I (38260010-1502-1)

    biodiesel from animal fat CAT II (38260010-1502-2)

    These codes were implemented for the international user of Nabisy.

    We would like to remind you, that biofuels with a POS where these codes are included cannot be used for the German Biofuel Quota.

  2. Biodiesel from separately collected used cooking oils and fats of vegetable origin - UCO

    Expired Code: 38260010-200125

    NEW Code: 38260010-200125-01

    FAME from separately collected waste cooking oils and fats (anim. or mixture of anim. and veg.) - UCO

    Expired Code: 38260010-200126

    NEW Code: 38260010-200125-04

    A Basic-POS can now only be issued with the new codes.


You can find the biomass codes on our website

  • REDcert² - material purposes in the chemical industry

    With the introduction of the “Supplementary REDcert² scheme principles for the chemical industry”, REDcert is extending the scope of its REDcert² scheme to include an important economic sector in the area of biomass use for material purposes.

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  • NEW REDcert information sheet

    REDcert prepared a new information sheet on the inspection of waste producers, storage and transshipment sites outside the EU.

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  • New types of biomass

    The current Nabisy types of  biomass are published under Material/Biofuel sector/Biomass Codes New!!!