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Material general

In the following menu you can find a variety of materials around the sustainable production of biomass for biofuel sector (REDcert-DE and REDcert-EU) or the food sector (REDcert²) and the relevant legislative texts (REDcert-DE and REDcert-EU).

  • First REDcert² certificate for BASF

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  • REDcert² - material purposes in the chemical industry

    With the introduction of the “Supplementary REDcert² scheme principles for the chemical industry”, REDcert is extending the scope of its REDcert² scheme to include an important economic sector in the area of biomass use for material purposes.

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  • NEW REDcert information sheet

    REDcert prepared a new information sheet on the inspection of waste producers, storage and transshipment sites outside the EU.

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